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Our Pillars

Wallace H. Campbell & Co.’s guiding principles are supported by three pillars which constitute the foundation of our decades of success. Our three pillars are Integrity, Service and Innovation.



Integrity is the core of who we are and what we do. We hold ourselves to be personally accountable to the highest standards of ethics and integrity while treating each of our clients, customers and tenants fairly and equally.

Financial Responsibility

In our line of business we are entrusted with the financial best interests of each of our customers. As such, we treat every dollar as if it were our own to ensure all strategies and decisions are driving optimal financial performance in alignment with portfolio strategies and expectations.

Financial Reporting

When it comes to your financial reporting, we know how important it is to have timely and accurate financial statements. We have a very well seasoned team of accountants using many layers of redundant financial and system controls to drive fast and accurate statements allowing our customers to make timely decisions regarding their investments.

We Do What We Say

We have developed relationships over decades and continue to out perform expectations by simply providing the best guidance possible to our customers and following through on execution. Our team prides ourselves on doing what we say.


As a Family owned and operated business, you will always be treated like a member of our family and we will go above and beyond to look out for your best interests. The manner in which we support and service our customers is paramount. We consider it our core responsibility to ensure all of your needs are met quickly, efficiently while optimizing your financial prospects. Every decision we make has our customers in mind, and we pull out all stops to make the satisfaction of our customers paramount.


With our after hours emergency response team at the alert, we are ready to serve 24 hours a day including nights, weekends and holidays.

Customizable Service

Each client has specific needs and objectives. the ability to focus on those specific needs and deliver the services to consistently attain those objectives is what distinguishes Wallace H. Campbell & Co. services can be customized to accommodate the needs of individual clients – from a full service contract to ala carte services.


Wallace H. Campbell & Co. fosters an environment of continuous improvement from technology to management to financial strategy. We constantly push ourselves and our teams to improve ourselves everyday.


We leverage the latest technology to provide our customers and tenants with optimal transparency of financial performance, maintenance, billing and customer service requests. Our customer portal provides tenants and unit owners with direct access to online payments, service and document requests.

Process and Management

We regularly analyze our operational and management procedures to identify improvements in efficiencies, effectiveness and accuracy. We continuously review our existing technology and available technology to identify how to incorporate into our procedures to improve our service and product to our customers and tenants.

Financial Strategy

We work with each client to ensure a good understanding of their real estate portfolio goals and help develop and execute a strategy in alignment with those goals. Our team diligently remains on the cutting edge of the ever changing real estate environment to optimize our client’s portfolio strategies in alignment with legislation and other opportunities.

Our Projects

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