Founded in 1952 by the firm's namesake; Wallace H. Campbell & Co., Inc. was one of the first third party property management firms in the Baltimore area. The firm's founder recognized that all ownership interests deserved the level of professional management previously reserved for large institutions.

Originally the company worked with various local apartment and commercial developers with the philosophy that a strong partnership created a lasting and successful relationship. Over the years the company evolved to meet the needs of a changing world, which included management of one of the first condominium associations in the State of Maryland. The company quickly became a leading authority in association management as the presence of condominiums and homeowners associations expanded.

The firm has a rich tradition of being on the forefront of the real estate industry. As a member and often leader of premier professional associations, a lobbying force on real estate related legislation and expert witness on real estate related disputes; the firm has shaped the development of professional standards that have shaped the industry.

R. Bruce Campbell, son of the founder, expanded and modernized company operations through the decades. Today his son and President, Curtis Campbell, continues that work; strengthening the presence in all areas of commercial real estate and evaluating the role of technology in the field.

Wallace H. Campbell & Co., Inc.


A company that prides itself on communication and the ability to provide personal services Wallace H. Campbell & Co., Inc. has balanced stellar service and technology so that technology works to improve service, not impersonalize it.

The company operates two primary computer systems, a UNIX based accounting system and Windows based Terminal Server.

The accounting software package is the UNIX based Jenark "Access" software which allows for a very complex, fully integrated, detailed accounting product for clients. This package allows for real time reports and the ability to provide both cash and modified accrual accounting. The flexibility of this software makes it possible to upload reports in various formats. This software also has various management modules which are available for use to track maintenance and marketing.

Wallace H. Campbell & Co., Inc.

The word and data processing system, e-mail and Internet systems are operated on the Microsoft Windows based Terminal Servicer 2008 system. This system is not only the most advanced system on the market for these applications but allows us the ability to communicate flawlessly with our clients because this software is the standard of the business world. The system utilizes "thin client" technology, which allows our systems to communicate and run together in a main frame environment. This provides efficient operations and reduced expenses.

All corporate level managers stay in communication with smartphones that provide them office access while in the field. This improves client and manager communication.


People are key to the success of any service organization and it is no different within Wallace H. Campbell & Co., Inc.. What is exceptional is the emphasis on professional development and training of personnel through all stages of a staff member's career. Personnel are provided the training necessary to provide the high level of service expected by the clients and are encouraged to continue learning and developing their skills throughout their careers. All staff members are expected to be current on changes in the industry.

This commitment to personnel and their commitment to their profession has resulted in a staff of highly educated members with numerous professional designations including ARM® (Accredited Resident Manager - Institute of Real Estate Management), CPM® (Certified Property Manager - Institute of Real Estate Management), PCAM®; (Professional Community Association Manager - Community Association Institute), AMS®; -(Association Management Specialist - Community Association Institute), CRE® - Counselor of Real Estate, CPA (Certified Public Accountant). Most staff members have earned at least one designation or are in the process of doing so.

This commitment to the staff has resulted in a loyalty to the company and commitment to the client. The average longevity of staff within the firm is well over 10 years. This allows for consistency and continuity in service to the clients.

Wallace H. Campbell & Co., Inc.